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Written by jaymzeberly

..and I blame Youtube (owned by Google!) Why? For their ‘mass production,’ helping people of all ages steal music and not feeling one bit bad about it… In fact, here is one right now! (just click the bottom play button freely!)

VAN HALEN 1984 remastered and re-released the album this year. It’s a great record, but why buy it? Hell, you can play it anytime now, and don’t even have to carry it, or worry about it breaking! We can just Steal… I mean, “SHARE” music anytime, thanks to Youtube!!

YouTube has it all! Why go to record stores? Why support your favorite artists and help pay for the making of the records you love? (which the bands put all their money into, and now must work day jobs just to pay back their loans) Why should you pay for your favorite music, when youTube has it available for FREE?

Art is going down a bit, I say…

For instance, look at how many “free” photographers are out there… These fans with cameras are all just happy to be able to shoot the show & give the free shots to the band… Generally not the best pictures, but sometimes the pics turn out pretty good for free. Yet no one sees what a professional who knows all the tricks would of got out of the show, unless he/she was there shooting it too… If not, you will likely miss all the awesome, rock star wide-angle shots, but the photographer who is making sure he gets paid will do anything to get those great shots, EVERYTIME! (you get what you pay for, remember?)

But now, people who do this for a living have to think of different ways to get by, just to help keep their art looking beautiful and just to survive… But everyone understands this, right? Even people, who use the free photographers, they’re just happy to save some extra cash, because they’re just scraping by too… It makes sense, really it does.

But where do kids go to dream now? “When I grow up, I want to be a rock star…” is not such an appealing dream anymore. “You mean I have to pay to play?? But I feel I am worth more than that!” 🙁

Yet many say, “This is the future, and damn it, I deserve free music and free movies that I don’t ever have to pay for!”

But let’s get back to the music “sharing” thing. Back in the day in “Lost’ Angeles, CA, you’d hope ‘Uncle Joe Benson’ would play the new record from your favorite band on his radio broadcast of “The 7th day” on KLOS 95.5 FM. Then, you would press RECORD on your tape player, and listen later on on your huge boom box—That was WAY cooler then today: kids with their phones barely blasting tunes through a distorted, wireless speaker that is NOT even in stereo!

YOU CALL THAT PROGRESS? Are we going back in time to mono now?!? At least your Beatles records will sound good… Wait, most kids today don’t know who the are or just don’t like them!

Sure, you can keep your whole record collection in your pocket now… but what fun is that?!? With vinyl records, you could read the lyrics, see the cool band pics and even hang them up like artwork on your wall… (no, NOT your Facebook wall, your REAL wall!) You could also rip pages out of the Rock magazines and tape them onto your bedroom wall too! Though back then, less FRIENDS would see them, unless you invited them in, (in REAL LIFE!) or you had to take a picture, THEN wait a week for the film to be processed, THEN take the pic to school to show everyone if your mom didn’t let them over! haha

Rant or the truth?.. either way… NAPSTER is a thing of the past, no need for stealing… We can just ‘SHARE’ it, or borrow it anytime, it’s not even on my phone! So I guess I’m really NOT stealing it, I’m just “testing” it, you know, to see if I like it… Yeah, THAT’S IT…

One thing I always say, if you wonder where your favorite band is and why they don’t have new music, ask yourself
this question… Did you ever even buy a single album of theirs?!? Cause believe me, you are not the only one who “Googled it away…”

Jaymz Floyd Eberly​ out! Now, go to http://EberlyPhoto.com and steal some pictures!! Then, ask a FREE photographer if they can
at LEAST get 1/3 as good of shots! Then compare the two!

Remember people saying “Punk is dead?”
-Well now, I’m saying “ART IS DEAD!”

Do ya wanna take a guess who killed it, or do you need to GOOGLE the answer? 😛

(share it, comment, whatever… even take my name off it… its been done many times to us artists)


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