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Cambodian Rock movie out – Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll [Official Documentary Trailer]

Written by jaymzeberly

Check out this movie (trailer below). Amazing Cambodian rock music.. during the 60s when USA and british was over during Vietnam.. they would play rock music like CCR, Rolling Stones, etc… The Cambodian people listened to it and loved it and made music like it…But then it got crazy, Khmer Rouge starting killing all doctors, musicians, teachers, gov. workers …etc… so lots of the musicians are gone, very sad stories. When I was young, kids next door came from Cambodia/Loas and they became my family , I used to eat the foods and listen to the music. One of the brothers played good rock style guitar licks 🙂 Later I learned that this effected them and why Long beach was the 2nd largest Cambodian over France. Sad that no one really saved them for many years, Vietnam was the country who stopped the internal killing. They needed help for many years but maybe since the country did not have a stock pile of oil or whatever they were left behind. Somewhere in the area of 2 – 2.5 million people were slaughtered ( ) – Most of the amazing musicians are gone… because they were influential and other reasons.

There are a few bands here that play Cambodian Rock from that time and the people who are gone.
And a little history of my photography. I first got famous for my photography from a band called Dengue Fever​ , Nimol Chhom​ lived in Long Beach and I would see her play at the Dragon House club and found out she was in a band (she could barely speak english but said.. email? and later i got show updates) and for almost a year they only used my Live photography at the time they became #1 on world music charts and many other great things. Now they tour around and have many records and even a movie about them. I will put a picture in the comments of one of the early pics I shot at a record release party of theirs.

Photo (below) of Chom Nimol of Dengue Fever: Jaymz Eberly ( )



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