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Chevy Metal @ Conejo Valley Days Carnival in Thousand Oaks, CA

Written by jaymzeberly

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Video of My Sharona and Let there be rock   CHEVY METAL - Dave Grohls/Taylor Hawkins

Chevy Metal
 On May 9, 2015, at California’s Conejo Valley Days Carnival in Thousand Oaks, CA, I scored a VIP ticket to the CHEVY METAL show, thanks to my buddy Rob! Amazingly, this awesome show was at a cozy ‘family style’ carnival off in a park! Fortunately for us, we got wind that the week before they’d changed the show time from 8pm to 4pm. Once we got there, we scouted out the area after grabbing a beer. They kicked all the Non-VIPer’s out, so I could get to the front of the stage, and of course, I went directly, front and center. It was really cool seeing such a small show, they even set up some stuff for themselves. They also had an old truck with hay bales backed up to the stage; the tail gate was kicked down for some of the kids of the band members. The band consisted of Dave Grohl: guitar and vocals, Taylor Hawkins: drums and vocals, Wiley Hodgden: bass, Mick Murphy: guitar (both are in Taylor’s Birds of Satan) Rami Jaffee: keyboardist and Chris Shiflett. (who are also in the Foo Fighters along with Dave and Taylor.) It was a fun mix of bands coming together to play around 17 cover songs.
 From the moment the show started, the energy was so intense; they just pounded through the songs. During one song, Taylor got his shoe lace stuck on the bass drum pedal, and Dave joked asking, “if he didn’t tie his shoes before the show…” Then, they blended two Van Halen songs together, and it sounded amazing! Dave  told Taylor he should ‘say something’ since it was his band! Also, hearing Dave sing “Summer of 69” was great too. After “Hurts So Good,” Taylor talked about hurting his hand, and Dave joked saying, “who hurts themselves playing ‘Hurts so good?” All the songs they did were amazing, but one of my favorites was “My Sharona.” The intense, picking-style Dave did, made it a little heavier, which was just perfect.
At one moment, bassist Wiley Hodgden waved to a kid, and afterwards Dave joked that he “will get the dad of the year for that…” Throughout the show, there were many personal moments, with lots of jokes and him talking about the ‘fried Twinkies’ you “have to try!” On the last song, he flicked the rest of his guitar picks at the kids, and it was cute seeing them all try to find or catch them. After the show Dave picked up his girl,  and they went backstage.
“Stay With Me” – Faces
“Jet Airliner” – Steve Miller Band
“School’s Out” – Alice Cooper
“Little T&A” – The Rolling Stones
“Everybody Wants Some!!” – Van Halen
“Panama” – Van Halen
“Turning Japanese” – The Vapors
“Summer of 69″ – Bryan Adams
“Bitch” – The Rolling Stones
“Under Pressure” – Queen & David Bowie
“Let’s Go” – The Cars
“I’m the One” – Van Halen
“Show Your Love” – Van Halen
“You May Be Right” – Billy Joel
“Hurts So Good” – John Mellencamp
“Miss You” – The Rolling Stones
“My Sharona” – The Knack
“Let There Be Rock” – AC/DC
some of the bands kids on trucks watch family jam 🙂
Foo Fighters cases
Things to notice in video 🙂 – When they start Let There be rock you see Taylor check with everyone and they burst into it with no count.. awesome intro, I can rewind and watch over and over 🙂
and before the verse Taylor nods to Dave to start singing, telling him.. go now. Dave flicks guitar picks at his and the band members kids. (Also sorry for short video, I was there to get pictures for a magazine and they started rocking so I wanted pictures 🙂 like below is one. Please check out and purchase the new one out in approx. June 15 or so… the mag will be out, you can get digital or printed version. I have many pages in the mag. One about this show, 2 pages about Michael Schenker Temple of Rock show with 3 members of Scorpions in the band. and many other great articles. This magazine is very nice, thick and a great quality print you will not find in many magazines today and 2 or 3 times thicker then the average magazine.

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