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Video is a growing need for many Artists and Businesses. We can help you show what you need to your clicnts, fans, customers and more. Please select the contact info button above and let us know of what you need and I am sure we can help from low budgets to high end budgets.

- for TV, Disc, Threatre, Websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

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Music Video

Filmed / Edited / Special Effects

Offical Selection in Toyko Lift-Off Film Festival 2014

Trevor McShane



Music Video

Fully Filmed / Edited
Filmed on location
Mutil-Camera shoot
Storyline Editing

Circus Of Power - Hard Driving Sister      


Music Video

Fully Filmed & Edited
Special Effects
Storyline Editing
Filmed in Florida & California


Multi-Cam Live Promo  
- To market artist

Multi-Camera shoot
Special Effect Editing
Band used for promotion

Dressed To Kill : KISS Tribute Band 


- To market artist

Filmed on location
High end HD video
Quality Audio Recording
Edited with client
Stills gallery
Added music

Interview with Jaymz Eberly of EberlyPhoto.com and EberlyProductions.com

Lawyer Advertisment Video 

Filmed & Edited in Nashville, TN



 Interview with Jack Russell of Jack Russell's Great White
                                                                                                                                                                          and Jaymz Eberly (Photographer, Layout, Design) Talking about the record.
Also Filmed a music video for JRGW


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Thanks for visiting Photographer Jaymz Eberly's website & Eberly Photo.

I shoot all kinds of events, concerts from Rock Concerts, live events, for all kinds of music. I am in Long Beach, CA which is in Los Angeles, California. I have traveled
around the United States and other Countries to work. I also shoot headshots for adults and children for bands, movies, dance, etc... I also do set photography on movie sets.
Some of my well known photo's are of Jack Russell's Great White, Scorpions, slayer, motorhead and many more. I have shot for calendars , billboards, catalogs, web sites, flyers, postcards
and I also design Calendars , catalogs, postcars, websites, online stores, menus, magazine layouts, business cards and much more. I work with top printers and get lower prices because of
amount of printing I do. I have shot for models, pin up models, glamour shots, rock stars, musicians wanting an egde to thier look or to upgrade pics. I have shot and created many
magazine ads for major companies like Peavey, Budda, Rock n Roll Gangstar and many major companies and start ups. Working with your budget.

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